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The 17 inch Lenovo w is a great machine and worth the money. Lenovo Thinkpad Notebooks bei Geizhals. Intel Core 2 Extreme QX With that said, the single screen version shares pretty much the same specs and based on what we've been testing, the machine actually does deliver the goods. Hardware performance was top notch, and the build and feel of the unit was excellent. Then again, we really only expect businesses that require the use of heavy duty machines for graphical design to acquire these powerful mobile workstations.

This thing is designed as a mobile workstation and it is very well suited to this task. Features such as the built-in Wacom tablet and color calibration are not vital to home users but can be critical to designers on the go. The system provides outstanding performance thanks to its high end components. All of this comes with a very high price tag that will make most consumers look elsewhere. VAT being the second model in the range.

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Latest ad for the Apple iPhone X shows how you can pay for an item with a glance. FeatureCompared: iPad shows how far Apple has progressed versus the original iPad in eight years. Apple proposes new accessibility emoji to include guide dogs prosthetic limbs and more! Giveaway: Enter to win 1 of 4 Speck bundles filled with products to protect your Apple devices. Apple fans were angry series did not even use the iPhone several hints to use Samsung prefer.

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Apple Facebook CEOs trade barbs over closer to quantum computer based on elusive particle. Though 3D is a big buzzword in the television world, it's been slower to take off in desktop and laptop TVs. That's in some ways surprising, as a tested, functional 3D infrastructure has existed for PCs for a couple of years now, in the form of Nvidia's 3D Vision technology. One of only a handful of 3D laptops, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yd skips active shutter glasses for an inferior technology, but keeps the A-list price. With the YD you can watch movies, play games, and view photos in 3D. The weight is somewhat too heavy for a 15 inch laptop but acceptable for devices which are intended for a stationary use.

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Lenovo Thinkpad Notebooks bei Geizhals. With consumer demand now for notebooks being greater than desktops and particularly for larger desktop replacement styles, Lenovo finally decided to put together a consumer oriented inch notebook with the IdeaPad Y and it is a very strong first product.

Items such as 4GB of RAM, Bluetooth and dedicted graphics make this a very good laptop for those looking at some more than a budget system. The Y delivers a nice array of multimedia features for a good price.

MacBook Air 2018 vs MacBook Pro 13" 2017 - Which One to Get?

Don't twist your brain too hard around this riddle. It's when Lenovo, a corporate staple, makes a play for the casual laptop buyer, dressing up its solid, well-built systems with some new consumer-friendly features and naming it the inch IdeaPad Y Lenovo's entry into the consumer laptop market with the inch IdeaPad Y provides ThinkPad-like quality but the design still comes off as a little buttoned-up.

The company's recently launched the IdeaPad line as its first set of non-business models to debut on these shores. Lenovo's first consumer laptop in the United States has excellent design appeal, but it's available only through limited retail channels. But what about average consumers? This is where Lenovo's all new IdeaPad line of notebooks comes to the rescue. The inch IdeaPad Y offers innovative design, solid technical specs and impressive built-in speakers that make other laptops look like cheap toys.

There is only one The Y is a good laptop built for anyone who needs to work and to sneak in a little play time on the side. And, for under a thousand bucks, it is a solid counterpoint to Gateway's MCu series. In the CPU tests, with its 2. The Y had its poorest showings in the memories and gaming tests. The Hitachi drive in the Lenovo Y proved to be a powerful addition for a 5, RPM drive and was surely a factor in the strong test results.

The Y's If you want a laptop for basic browsing and nice media displays this Laptop is worth the dough. If you want something that processes quickly and can handle a lot of computing this may not be the laptop for you. The For consumers the main use of the dedicated graphics would be for HD video decoding and digital audio out over HDMI for watching movies on your home television. For movies on the go the Y has a good surround sound system, which is a good step above what we usually see on most notebooks.

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The integrated Dolby sound system and subwoofer set it apart from the pack, and the Y offers significantly better performance than its predecessor. For the price, we prefer the Gateway MC Series. It uses the Intel GM45 chipset that gives it some amazing features one wouldn't expect in a low cost PC such as speedy DDR3 memory, draft-n wireless support and newer integrated graphics.

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  • This would all be great if Lenovo didn't use an older bit Intel Pentium Dual Core processor that limits the system to bit software. If users can accept this slower processor, they do end up with a very feature packed laptop for the money.


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    Rather than a super high performance model, it is designed as a more well rounded general purpose design. This means that it comes with fairly average specifications. While it does lack a few of the newer interfaces, it won't impact many individuals. It still retains one of the best keyboards on the market though. At least it is fairly well priced compared to many of is competitors.

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    Die Helligkeit und die Kontraste sind sehr gut. The cover is made of black embossed rubber, smooth and very sturdy. Inside it's all white gloss on the keyboard, palmrest and touchpad, while the 16in widescreen display x resolution is adorned by a black bezel.