Bought around Rp. Brushnya cuman dipakai beberapa kali dan selalu di bungkus sama brush guard coastalscents nanti dikasih juga. This brush is particularly good for bronzer and powder application with soft fibres that form a full, rounded shape. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

Básicos que no deben faltar en tu cosmetiquera cuando sales de viaje – Ego Moda & Estilo

New product Brush Shampoo and Instant Brush Cleanser for your makeup brushes. Will be on the website tomorrow. What a great way to start off my weekend!!!

Hoy tocaba limpieza a algunas brochas! Los restos de polvo presente en el ambiente pueden oxidar el maquillaje y ocasionar un cambio de color en ellos. Let's keep our makeup brushes clean! Set de Brochas y Shampoo Por pedidos! Post cosplay cleanup. Limpieza de brochas, que esta noche se ensucian nuevamente!!! We're so pleased to see that our Isopropyl alcohol and Brush conditioning shampoo were our most sold items at the LMUF.

Our campaign for makeup hygiene is spreading wider by the day, and more and more muas are ensuring their safety and their clients'.


Limpieza de brochas para maquillaje

Since the bristles are soft and fluffy, you get little pigment from eyeshadow, thus allowing a smoother application. It can also be used to apply finishing powder to the t-zone, or as a highlighter on the area above the cheekbones. This brush has various uses and it would be my 2 recommended brush. You can use it to smudge eyeliner on the eyelid and make line softer.

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To apply powder or cream shadow on lower lash line to connect makeup with the eyelid shadow. To highlight and add brightness to the inner corners of the eye, and to highlight the brow bone with a lighter shade. Brush your brows. Diffuse brow pencil or powder makeup on eyebrow.


Te cambiara el resplandecer de tus ojos y una vez lo descubras lo haras parte de tu rutina diaria. Esto lo puedes comprar en una farmacia, o en el area de cosmeticos de cualquier tienda por departamento. Repite los pasos 2 y 3 de cuatro a seis veces, o hasta que quedes satisfecha.

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  • This beauty tip will open the eye, make lashes stand out and look fuller. Once you see the results, you will most likely make it part of your make-up routine.

    Humectante perfeccionador con color Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector

    This you can buy at the pharmacy, or any major cosmetic department store counter. Add a little pressure to curler and make sure you are not pinching your skin. Once safe, apply more and more pressure until lashes are curled. Be careful as you do this, you can harm yourself and plug lashes. This will open your eye, make it bigger, and lashes longer. If you already have long lashes, skip this step. This will separate lashes and prevent them from sticking together.