You can also renumber file names.

  • File Renamer Lite (free version) download for Mac OS X.
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  • Batch rename files and folders with Renamer app for macOS!

Incremental and Decremental Sequence. You can choose part of file name to search.

How to rename multiple files on your Mac

Add System Date Created, Modified and accessed in the file names. More than 40 IPTC tags supported. Change File Name case to lower case, upper case or proper case. Remove, Add and Rename File Extension. Reverse File Name.

Swap file name parts. For Example Remove not windows supported characters from file names.

Add File Name component like folder name or full path into file name. You can save more than one renaming action in a rule file and apply it in single click.

Renamer – Rename files in batches | macOS | NMac Ked

Command line support. These original filenames show up in the Original Filename column.

Rename Multiple Files/Folders in Mac OS X

Grayed out rows indicate files that you do not have permissions to change. As you type each row is updated to reflect the changes you will make. Finally click the Rename button, and all your files will be renamed as displayed.

Renamer 6.0.2 – Rename files in batches

You will be informed of any files that could not be modified. New in 3. Free Download. Version : 4.

Naming image and video files based on the time they were taken

Turtles Price : Free. Bubble Blast Valentine Price : Free. Fruity Connect Price : Free.

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  • Renamer 6.0.2 – Rename files in batches.